We are incredibly fortunate to have a true life's, gift;

Growing old amongst this soulful garden, learning and feeling the healing power of being nurtured in nature.


Reconnecting ourselves with the cosmos and all living beings is our pleasure to share with you.


Diving into new adventures, exploring what reignites, excites and energises your relationship with the natural world and your existence within it. Entwining passions for learning and discovery into your everyday life.


We invite you to join us and experience more of mother natures wonders.

Cold Water Exploration

Discover the invigoration of immersing yourself in water.

From the Moors to the Shore we will guide you through your cold water experiences.

The local rivers, quarries and sea await you.


Ocean City Explore

Take a trip with us to Plymouth, walking the City's trail. This will encompass a host of interesting historic sights, delicious eatery's and ocean views. 

Body Movement Exploration

Capture the sense of grounding, creating space.

Whether it be cycling, walks or jogs, we will navigate your experience around our local area, taking into account to step gently as we go.

All experiences are within approx. 20 mile radius from The Greenhouse Spa Retreat. 

Booking will depend on availability. 

Please inquire as soon as possible. Weather permitting for locations, times and duration.